Our story

Founded by Abdulaziz Alshaibani in 2021, Ecstopia from Kuwait offers a unique and distinctive line of fragrances that invoke a sense of luxury, beauty, and attraction like no other.  From his childhood, Abdulaziz was always fascinated with fragrances and quickly became a collector and connoisseur of perfumes and fragrances as he grew older.  This is where the journey of Ecstopia began.

As Abdulaziz became more involved in the fragrance industry, he realized that not all perfumes are created equal. Many simply didn’t meet the quality and standards that Abdulaziz envisioned for the perfect crowd-pleasing fragrance, particularly not one suited for daily wear.

Ecstopia Perfumes was created to offer true luxury for both men and women with the highest standards and strictest expectations for their fragrances.

Each fragrance in our diverse line was several years in the making. We use only the best ingredients, oils, and scents to ensure each perfume is unparalleled in quality.  Each fragrance is tested and modified until the ultimate blend of ingredients is found, and something truly magical is created.  

We invite you to try Ecstopia Perfumes today! Our fragrances overtake your senses without overwhelming you. Like a beautiful tapestry that works perfectly together in every way, our perfumes offer a truly pleasant and exclusive aromatic experience that must be experienced to be believed.